Just a quick note…

Just a quick note…


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    Mariana Llanos visiting St. Paul CDO

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  • Michelle Korenfeld-School Visits


    Michelle KorenfeldMichelle Korenfeld: I am a painter, poet, storyteller, and early childhood educator  with a passion for nature and nurturing creativity and curiosity in children’s hearts and minds. I have more than twenty years’ experience introducing animals, art, and writing to young people in diverse settings, including public schools, museums, and institutes for gifted children. Over the years, I have developed my own interdisciplinary method of fostering creative thinking and appreciation for nature.

    Creative Children like the Animals of the World is the unique product of my research, childhood development work, and collaboration with my two daughters, who teach me lessons on creative thinking every single day.

    I believe much of children’s negative behavior derives from stifled or ignored creativity, and I hope this book provides them an opportunity to express their inner genius, which will help pave their way to a fulfilling and happy life.

    Availability and Pricing: 

    I would love to connect via Skype in the Classroom.  Author visits are free.

    Creative Children Like the Animals of the World invites students to write and draw freely inspired by the animal stories, the poems, the paintings and the scientific facts.

    The students present what they wrote, colored and drew in the book during the visit.

    Therefore, the students need to have the book ordered and delivered from Amazon in advance.

    Audience: School age children from kindergarten to 4th grade.


    1) The students are inspired to read and to write, since they get the chance to present the creative ideas they wrote and drew

    themselves. They are the coauthors and co-illustrators of the book.

    2) The students’ presentations nourish a conversation that broadens their horizons. Their confidence to express their unique individual ideas is boosted.

    3) The author visit includes readings from Creative Children Like the Animals of the World. The stories and poems were written through the eyes of children and in collaboration with my daughters. Therefore they inspire students’ curiosity, and grab their attention. The students appreciate the humor and acquire tools to resolve conflicts.

    4) The author visit is also an artist visit, as the paintings of the book were painted by me. Colorfully and romantically they are a means of introducing art and nature to the students.

    5) The visit helps to internalize environmental awareness, raise curiosity to science, nurture morals and values of tolerance and ignite creative thinking.

    Website: www.RaisingCreativeThinkers.com                        www.MichelleKorenfeld.com



    Contact: mchll555@gmail.com

    Faiz Kermani–School Visits




    Faiz Kermani is an award-winning British author, who has lived in the UK and the US and is now based in France. His day job in the pharmaceutical industry is a world away from his fun hobby of writing children’s fiction

    Availability and Pricing: Teachers and educators are welcome to get in touch regarding visits, which can be arranged for a mutually beneficial date. If in the UK, France, Germany or Switzerland I will work with the school in order to make the visit as low cost as possible. I am especially interested in visits where teachers want to promote literacy and reading.

    Audience: School age children (age range 7-13). I am also happy to talk to students about writing and self-publishing. I have written a number of articles on these areas and would be happy to answer questions and give tips based on my experiences.



    • Approachable: I am very happy work with schools and educators who want to promote literacy and reading. Wherever a local visit is involved it is FREE. Generally, it is possible to work with schools elsewhere and find an arrangement that minimizes costs for them.
    • Multi-lingual: I am happy to do visits in either English or French (also German if interested).
    • International experience: I have worked with schools and educators in the UK, US, France and Switzerland and so can offer you a variety of suggestions for activities to engage your class and make the visit fun as well as educational. As my books have been translated into different languages I can add a multicultural theme to an event.

    Websites: http://www.childrensfunnybooks.co.uk


    Books on AMAZON




    Ali Pfautz–Author Visits


    Ali at work!

    Ali Pfautz: I am a storyteller and author based in Virginia, USA, who enjoys encouraging children to explore their imagination. My background includes experience in dance, theater, and writing, which helps me to create unique school presentations that keep children interested and involved.

    Availability and pricing: Prices vary depending on the type of event and the number of children. I can travel for visits throughout VA and NC, and I will consider other states depending on travel expenses and my schedule. Soon I will be available for SKYPE visits.
    Audience: My author visits, storytelling and writing workshops are best suited for elementary ages, K-5th grade. For storytelling/book performances, my specialty is younger audiences, ages 2-7. I can do school assemblies or classroom visits. Every program is customized depending on the needs of the school and the audience size. For schools offering after-school enrichments, I also have a storytelling class that ends with a student performance.
    Strengths: My interactive, high-energy presentations keep students engaged. Whether I’m visiting a school to entertain, or to teach and share, the students are always moving and imagining right along with me. I want children to get excited about reading and writing, and discover the beauty of expressing their creativity through words.

    Rachelle Burk–Author Visits


    Rachelle Burk at work!

    Rachelle Burk is a NJ author of fiction, nonfiction, science stories and poetry for children. Besides books, Rachelle’s work has appeared in national magazines such as Highlights, Scholastic Science World, Kidsville News, and others.

    Availability and Pricing: SKYPE visits (half hour) are FREE for classes that have read any of her books. Available for in-person assemblies and workshops around the country, with fees based on location and number of sessions.

    Audience: A variety of tailored programs available for pre-K through grade 8, as well as writing workshops for all ages, including high school. Rachelle also offers workshops for adults on writing children’s books and getting them published.

    Strengths: Rachelle is a multi-genre children’s author of both fiction and nonfiction works, with book and magazine publications for preschool through middle grade. Also, with a background as a clown and storyteller, her programs are not only educational and inspiring, but lively, fun, and full of laughter. PROGRAMS: Assemblies, writing workshops, and parent programs. Emphasis on curiosity, the creative process, reading, research, revision, and enjoyment of it all!

    Website: www.rachelleburk.com

    Books on Amazon

    Contact: rachelleburk@gmail.com


    Randel McGee–School Visits

    L 11-21 P&S-R 2

    Randel McGee

    Randel McGee is a storyteller, puppeteer, ventriloquist, author, and paper-cutting artist. He performs all over the world, sharing his ventriloquism or paper-cutting stories with children and adults.

    Availability and Pricing: I can do storytelling assembly programs for the whole school and classroom visits. I do in-class workshops on storytelling, puppetry and paper craft techniques and can incorporate these into Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, & Math principles. I also work with teachers and parents on using arts in the classroom and home to enhance learning experiences.

    I have traveled all around the USA, Asia, and Europe. My fees are $1000/day, plus travel and lodging expenses, bulk bookings are preferred. I will do Skype visits/workshops for $100/hour. I am available year-round.

    Audience: My assembly programs and workshops have been well received at all grade levels from Kindergarten through college, as I can adapt my presentation according to my audience.

    Strengths: I am a lively, entertaining storyteller with over 3 decades of performing experience at schools , libraries, and conferences all around the world! I am multi-lingual and can present portions of my programs in Spanish, Dutch, French, and Japanese. I am offering not only memorable performances, but an introduction to arts and skills that are inspiring and motivating to young people.

    Website: www.mcgeeproductions.com

    Books on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Randel-McGee/e/B001HPCWM6/ref=sr_tc_2_0?qid=1412185309&sr=1-2-ent

    Enslow Publishers, Inc. Catalog Page: http://www.enslow.com/authors/Randel_McGee/16476#.VCw9WhYc_IU

    Contact: randel@mcgeeproductions.com



    Margot Finke- School Visits


    Margot Finke

    Margot Finke: I am an Aussie transplant who now lives in Oregon USA with my husband and family. I have written 13 books ( PB to Young teen), and I love to HOOK Kids on Reading.

    Availability and Pricing: *SKYPE MAKES it HAPPEN. I load up my Magic Carpet of Books and fly to schools and libraries via SKYPE. I only need 3 things: a dedicated teacher, a SKYPE connection, and a Time Zone that works for both the school and me. I am registered with Education Skype. *I have Skyped with classes in Australia, New Zealand, India, Casablanca, a hospital, and here in the USA. My visits are FREE. However, I do expect the school and the parents to buy a few of my books. *Young teen adventures (soft cover) range about $8—$10 dollars each. (3 with Aussie themes) *On Kindle $2.95 — $5.00 each. *Rhyming Picture Books (soft cover) $9—$10 each. (several about Aussie and US critters) *Autographed soft cover books, DIRECT from me, also receive my FREE “Fairdinkum Aussie Tucker,” recipe book—the food I loved to eat growing up Down Under.

    Audience: Kindergarten through middle grade

    Strengths: I love HOOKING kids on reading, and chatting to them about their own writing, and how they can create characters and plots. I also encourage reluctant readers. Depending on the grade, I enlarge upon this to fit their age and their teacher’s wishes. A Q and A session to wind things up is always fun. The Aussie tales I tell, and the fascinating aboriginal artifacts I show, fit nicely with my Aussie adventures and animals. My multicultural themes are educational, and depict situations most kids know nothing about —like Dreamtime Spirits and eating witchetty grubs. I also read from picture books that deal with Dyslexia, endangered animals, or coping with sudden big changes.

    Contact:Teachers and Librarians can contact me via email (mfinke@frontier.com ). I chat with them about what they want, the age of their students, what I can offer each grade + the time I need for various grades. I am happy to fit in with class requirements. *I chat about my Skype visits (www.youtube.com/watch?v=g-LLo_eWdxk ) or go to my website or blog to discover more details. BLOG: http://virtualschoolvisits.blogspot.com/

    Promo: Take a “Sneak Peek” inside this FREE pdf download to see covers and sample text from most of my books: http://tinyurl.com/8qw44al

    Books on Amazon: http://tinyurl.com/bg9dtxt

    Website: http://www.margotfinke.com

    Barbara Ann Mojica-School Visits


    Babs4BackCoverBarbara Ann Mojica I am a historian and retired teacher currently writing a series of children’s nonfiction history/travel books that make learning about historic events and places a fun educational experience. All three books in the Little Miss History series have been awarded the B.R.A.G. Medallion and my Sequoia book was given Honorable Mention in the 2014 Independent Principal’s Award Contest. (CLIPPA)



    I am available to do in person visits in the Columbia County, New York area, free of charge. Willing to set up SKYPE visits with schools. For schools in other areas will discuss honorarium and travel expenses. Flexible schedule as time and availability permit.


    AUDIENCE: School age children from Kindergarten through Fifth Grade. The Little Miss History series aligns with social studies common core standards in grades K THROUGH 5. Author will read and present lessons and coordinate follow-up with classroom teacher.


    STRENGTHS: I have worked in general, special education, SEIT and one on one with severely delayed children and can perform within all types of educational settings. My 30+ years of teaching children from ages infancy through grade seven allows me to be comfortable with children of different age groups. During my tenure as principal, I have mentored and presented to parents and groups of teachers on many topics. As an avid book lover, I read and review family friendly books on my blog twice weekly and am listed as a top reviewer on amazon.com.


    WEBSITE AND LINKS TO MY BLOG, AMAZON AND MERCHANDISE: http://www.Littlemisshistory.com







    Ann Morris-School Visits


    MansonReading2013WEB425hAnn Morris: I am an award-winning bilingual children’s author who believes that children are enthusiastic learners, impressionable, and full of sensitivity. I love to reward that energy with healthy learning examples, writing my books in English and separately in Spanish, and rotating the ethnicity of my characters to provide stories that are inviting to all children and language learners.

    Availability and Pricing:   To this point I visit schools in Des Moines, Iowa (and surrounding cities) without charge. I am available whenever my schedule provides. I would love to do Skype presentations.

    Audience: School age, elementary.

    Strengths: I have been a teacher of high school Spanish; I have tutored students in English and Spanish and have young family member that inspire my stories. I love to learn and try to share that enthusiasm with other young people. The world is an open book with many lessons!

    Website: http://www.authorannmorris.com

    Books: http://www.amazon.com/Ann-Morris/e/B00C8G2V8S

    Contact: 2000ann.morris(at)gmail(dot)com

    Mariana Llanos-School Visits


    Skype Visit

    Mariana Llanos is a bilingual writer who lives in the US. Native from Lima, Peru, she studied Drama and is also a preschool teacher.

    Availability and pricing:  SKYPE visits for FREE. In-person visits FREE in Oklahoma *. Also available for in-person visits around the US: honorarium and travel expenses to be discussed. *Travel expenses might be considered if not in Oklahoma City metro area.

    Audience: School age children, Kindergarten through 6th. Also available to talk about creative writing/publishing to Middle Schools and High Schools. Available to assist with students publishing efforts.

    Strengths: Bilingual (English-Spanish), Interactive visits with visual material and activities, singing and easy engaging with younger audiences, experience in self-publishing and ebook publishing through Kindle. Flexible hours. Lessons available: Needs and Wants (Social Studies-2nd grade, 1st grade)with The Wanting Monster. A World of Imagination with Tristan Wolf: For grades 3rd and up. Grandparents, loss and Alzheimer’s with The Staircase on Pine Street.

    Website: www.marianallanos.com

    Books on Amazon: www.amazon.com/author/marianallanos

    Contact: mariana_llanos@hotmail.com